A day in the life

Each day residents are assisted to get up and out of bed and have either a whirlpool bath, which promotes good circulation and skin integrity, or a shower.  They are then assisted with all of their personal hygiene and dressing.

Breakfast is served in an a la carte manner.  As each resident is finished with their morning care they are assisted to the dining room and can order what they would like for breakfast, within their individual dietary requirements, from the staff member in charge of the kitchen that day.

Doctor’s appointments are usually scheduled for mid-morning.  This allows the residents to complete their normal morning routine prior to leaving. Mornings within the program are usually quiet and will consist of several different activities throughout the house.  Some residents will watch television in one of the living rooms, some will participate in a game with staff members and some will complete their exercise routines.  Once a week there is a two-hour morning activity organized and instructed by our Activities Coordinator for any resident that would like to participate.

Lunch is served family style in the dining room at twelve-thirty.  We rotate through four weekly menus each season.  The day’s meals are posted in the dining room at the start of each day.  All meals are home cooked by our staff members using fresh ingredients with a well-balanced and healthy diet in mind.  If a resident does not like what is on the menu for that particular meal they can ask to have something different and we are more than willing to accommodate them.

In the afternoons the majority of our more medically compromised residents require a rest from the active morning.  They will normally rest from around 2 pm until 3:30 pm.  Residents that chose not to rest may watch a movie as a group, spend time outside on the deck, stroll or move around the grounds or participate in activities with the staff.  Once a week there is a two-hour afternoon activity organized and instructed by our Activities Coordinator for any resident that would like to participate.

Dinner is also served family style in the dining room at 5:30 pm.  This is a busy time in the house and usually full of conversations and laughter.  Any of the residents that had been out on appointments or outings have returned and everyone is together enjoying each other’s company.

Every evening the residents and staff partake in an organized activity between dinner and bedtime.  This is our family time, much like you would find in any household.  Staff then assists residents with their nightly hygiene routine and getting them settled in bed.

Throughout the night, just as we do throughout the day, staff are required to complete frequent checks on all residents to ensure their safety and meet any care needs.  Medication is also administered by our licensed medical staff throughout the day and night according to physician’s orders.


A monthly calendar of events is distributed by our Activities Coordinator prior to the start of each month.  This allows residents to know what activities, entertainment and gatherings they can look forward to that month.  It also allows the friends and families of residents to attend household events and actively participate in their social lives.

In addition to the in-house recreation program each resident will chose what individualized one-on-one community outings they would like to do each month.  We feel the personalized attention a resident receives on a community outing is crucial to their well-being.  The ability to be involved in the same community activities they have always enjoyed, even prior to their disability, is extremely important to their sense of self.